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Digiturk TV Guide



Digiturk TV Guide
Click on the picture above to access Digiturk TV Guide.


Programs, the sides of the table, what is the colors mean?

Each color category in the table (eg: Sports, Kids, Action, etc.) refers to program category. The following diagram can find explanations of all the colors in the DigiturkYayın Flow table. Current color descriptions are always at the top of the table in the "Color Descriptions" button to reach through.

Why some channels can not be displayed in the table broadcasting streams?

Some channels broadcast streams per day carries very frequent changes. In particular national TV channels, news, sports, and music channels, these channels of the broadcast streams updates related problems may be encountered. When the Table of Feed-date information reaches the our information system,it is updated periodically.

How do I access all Digiturk channels broadcast schedule details daily?

When you click on the left side of the table, the channel logos whatever you want, you can see that channel the flow of the detailed publication. Other channels on the same screen by clicking on the logos you can find the detailed streams. Feed LigTV Digiturk you need to do is to go back to the Dashboard at the top of the table in the "Filtering Uninstall" button click.

I have no Digimobil number, also membership number in the registration and labeling services DIGITURK, How do I remember?

Digiweb system must be registered with the option of recording to the web. This prompts to record your name in order to prevent others. Digiturk is an application that has been happening in order to protect the safety of members. If you do not receive your password, your password if you simply by clicking on this link. Password is also possible to take the call center. Call center phone number: 0(212) 473 73 73

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